Formation towards Permanent Brotherhood

The formation towards permanent brotherhood mirrors the formation towards priesthood in the first four stages: Come and See, Aspirancy, Novitiate, First Promises. All men are formed in the same manner up to this point as consecrated members living the charism, spirituality and communal life of SOLT.

Further Studies (2 Years):

After first promises, the permanent brother completes 2-years of further in-house studies at the SOLT House of Studies at Holy Redeemer Church in Detroit. He lives and prays alongside the SOLT seminarians. Studies are given by SOLT priests in-house and also through on-line courses. The curriculum is basic theology, including introduction to the Old and New Testaments, Church History, Morals, Sacraments and Spirituality. The permanent brothers also serve at Holy Redeemer church in various apostolates, including CCD classes.

Final Years in Mission (3 Years):

The final years of formation are spent in mission: actively living the SOLT communal life and spirituality, serving on an ecclesial team in one of the SOLT apostolates. Yearly evaluations are completed of the brother. At the completion of 5-years in temporary promises, the brother makes his perpetual promises.

Summer Assignments:

Each summer brothers in formation are assigned to various SOLT missions in order to deepen their lived experience of the charism, spirituality and communal life of SOLT and to broaden their exposure to the community’s apostolates. These times also increase fraternity as well as giving opportunity for development of various apostolic skills and experiences. Emphasis is put on at least one of the summer assignments in the study of Spanish.

Each summer brothers in formation are given a home visit that lasts between 2-3 weeks.