Foundational Principles



Whether preparing for permanent brotherhood or for priesthood, the formation specific to the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) is geared towards forming the individual into a disciple of Jesus through Mary, capable of making the radical gift of himself through the evangelical promises of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The charism of SOLT reads:

Disciples of Jesus through Mary living in Marian-Trinitarian communion serving on ecclesial family teams in areas of deepest apostolic need.

Three dimensions of the charism are discernable, and each help direct the goals of formation:

1. Marian-Trinitarian communion

The consecrated men of SOLT live a Marian-Trinitarian spirituality. We live deeply our consecration in the contemplative life, taking it as the font of all apostolic activity. The deep sense of having been known and called personally to live this spirituality creates a strong communal bond in the Trinity among the members of SOLT. Men are formed to value the life of prayer and communion with God, particular devotion to the sacraments, holy mass and adoration, and the life of common prayer as celebrated in the Liturgy of the Hours.

2. Ecclesial Family Teams

One of the distinguishing marks of SOLT is the presence of all three branches of vocations in one community, serving together on teams. Therefore, in formation, the men are brought to a capacity to relate deeply with all vocations: priests, religious men and women and the lay faithful. Consecrated men of SOLT ought to be men who are “masters” of relationships, able to share of themselves, finding joy in shared communion of life and faith, and capable of entering into friendships based on the grace of God.

3. Areas of deepest apostolic need

Members of SOLT serve those who are at the margins of society in the deepest needs of each diocese where she serves. Therefore, during formation, men are guided to grow in an affinity for God’s people of every race and culture, particularly a love for the poor and destitute.