Sponsor a Sister


When women join SOLT, their vocation is not discerned based on their academic achievement, but on their calling and generosity to respond to God’s invitation to religious life. Many women need to have ongoing studies for the ministry to which God is calling them.

SOLT has grown from fifty sisters in 2000 to 120 sisters today. Thanks be to God! We serve in a wide variety of apostolates including parish work, education and health care. There is a great need for some of the sisters to study education, nursing or theology to support the ministry which the Church has given to the community.

Currently we have 23 sisters enrolled in further studies, with at least 6 more requesting the opportunity to continue their education. Most of these funds come through very generous benefactors and financial aid from the institutions. However, we need your help to support the Sisters’ education fund. Would you consider a gift today?

SOLT Sisters are currently studying at the following schools:

-The Augustine Institute

-The Gregorian

-The Angelicum

-Institute of Psychological Sciences

-Catholic Distance Education

-University of St. Dominic

-Several community colleges including Luna Community College and Del Mar College

You can make an online donation today by clicking DONATE. Please designate in the Memo “Sisters’ Sponsorship Fund”.

Thank you very much for your generosity!