Missionaries of Mercy

The mission

therese3Saint Therese of Lisieux is known as the patron saint of missions, but she never worked as a missionary sister. She suffered greatly throughout her life and died as a young religious sister. Even though she desired to work in the missions, she accepted that God was calling her to engage in the spiritual work that the missions greatly needed. St. Therese took every opportunity to offer what little she could to benefit the missions she desired to help. The example of her intercessory prayers and sufferings offered for the work of the missions manifested a powerful force to help missions throughout the world in ways only God could see.

Throughout the history of the Church, saints have witnessed the amazing fruitfulness of offering their prayers and sufferings to Jesus with great love. Missionaries of Mercy are individuals who consent to offer all their sufferings, prayers and other earthly burdens for the benefit of all those laboring in the field for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), particularly its priests and its missionary work.

By this offering and unified with the Passion of Christ, one’s suffering has redemptive merit and enables the apostolic work of SOLT to bring forth great fruit.


Missionaries of Mercy have the opportunity to encounter Christ in His suffering. There are numerous benefits to designating sufferings and prayers to the SOLT apostolate. Members grow in holiness through spiritually assisting the missionaries in their work to expand the Kingdom of God here on Earth and to make the works of SOLT more fruitful. They are comforted in their sufferings, knowing that their sacrifices are being made into instruments for saving souls throughout the world.

St. John Paul II on Suffering

“To share in the sufferings of Christ is, at the same time, to suffer for the Kingdom of God. Those who share in the sufferings of Christ become worthy of this kingdom. Christ, through His own salvific sufferings, is very much present in every human suffering and can act from within that suffering by the powers of His Spirit of Truth, His consoling Spirit.”

Salvifici Doloris- On the Meaning of Human Suffering

John Paul II, 1984

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