Ken and Christine Dawson & Family


Our first experiences with the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) began in the summer of 2002 when we started going to monthly family retreats given by SOLT in Covington, Ga.  Through those retreats, our family was exposed to the life of an Ecclesial Team as the priests, sisters and laity worked together to help families grow in holiness.  The example of the three vocations working together as a team to bring people to a deeper relationship with the Most Holy Trinity drew us in and helped us recognize that this was the life to which God was calling us.  This was solidified for us when we went to our first Regional Assembly in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 2007.  From the moment we walked in to St. Joseph’s Hall, we knew that we were home and that this, the community of SOLT, was our family.

Over time we discerned that God was calling our family to move closer to the community and become more involved with SOLT.  We received formation through a few priests in Georgia, but our most direct personal experience and discernment regarding life in and around full Ecclesial Teams came when we spent a month (one of the hottest July’s on record!) in Robstown, Texas.

We have been Definitive Lay Members of the Society of Our Lady for five years and have been involved in numerous ministries at our parish including youth group, the pro-life group, and various liturgical ministries. Ken has been serving on the General Lay Council since 2012.

The calling to the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity has changed everything in our lives from where we live, to how we live, to whom we serve, and to whom we live for.