Contemplation in Action

In our Christian life, too, prayer and action are always profoundly united. Prayer that does not lead to concrete action toward a brother who is poor, sick, in need of help, the brother in difficulty, is a sterile and incomplete prayer. But, in the same way, when in ecclesial service we are only concerned with doing, we give greater weight to things, functions, structures, and we forget the centrality of Christ; we do not set aside time for dialogue with him in prayer, we are in risk of serving ourselves and not God present in our needy brother.  (Pope Francis, Angelus address, July 21, 2013)

People often ask us about the specific kinds of works we are involved in as SOLT Sisters.  Do you teach?  Do you work in hospitals?  What do you do?  This is a wonderful question.  In a world that is hungering to encounter God, in all his truth, beauty and goodness, we all long to see concrete manifestations of his love in action.  For we know that God is always working to make his love visible.  The Incarnation of Jesus Christ is the ultimate witness of this reality, as the invisible God, in his great love for us, took on human flesh and became like us in all things but sin.

At the same time, we hear in Sacred Scripture, “If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do the builders labor. If the Lord does not watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil (Psalm 127:1).”  The primary duty of every Religious is to respond in love to the One who loves us into existence and redeems us with the Precious Blood of His Divine Son.  This is her joy and her call.  Religious life doesn’t make sense apart from that relationship, and everything a consecrated spouse of Jesus does flows from it.  United with Christ, our prayer and sacrifice, and indeed our whole existence, takes on new meaning and has redemptive power through the offering of Jesus.

Our lives of prayer each day center in Christ Jesus in participating in Eucharistic celebrations, giving thanks to God in praise of His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything in our apostolic activity, our striving for sanctity and Society life flows from the Eucharist and returns to it. We live from Communion to Communion in the prayer of the Liturgical Year. (Constitutions A.11.2)

When it comes to specific works and ways of manifesting this communion, SOLT serves in areas of deepest apostolic need.  As priests, brothers, sisters and lay faithful, we seek to live in communion with the Most Holy Trinity, within our ecclesial family teams and with all people through discipleship of Jesus and Mary.

Our mission in Ecclesial Teams is to serve among those in deepest need in works of: parishes, resettlement of refugees, evangelization, life, education, communication, marriage and family life, socio-economic needs, ecumenism, prisons, promoting peace and justice, migrants, youth, catechetics, addictions, government, the poor and the destitute. We strive to serve as disciples of Jesus and Mary to witness the Trinitarian life in each specific mission. This witness is a living of our sharing of the mission of Christ with ardent zeal and charity. (Constitutions 5.1-2)