“A day in the life”

As contemplative-active missionary sisters within the family of SOLT, our life flows from communion with the Most Holy Trinity in Liturgical, communal and personal prayer, the celebration of Christ’s mysteries in the Sacraments, our common life, and apostolic service of God’s people.  Because we serve in a variety of apostolates in several different regions and countries, our daily schedule may vary a little from place to place.  Yet, the common elements of our life as Sisters of SOLT remain the same.  Our daily schedule will look something like this:

6am:  Angelus and Morning Prayer followed by silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

7:30am:  Breakfast

8am:  Apostolic service

Noon:  Angelus, Midday Prayer and Office of Readings followed by the Rosary

1pm:  Lunch

1:30pm:  Apostolic service

4pm:  Spiritual Exercises

5pm:  Holy Mass

5:45pm:  Evening Prayer followed by the Rosary

6:30pm:  Dinner and Recreation

8pm:  Liturgy Preparation and Night Prayer followed by Grand Silence

Once a month, the sisters participate with the ecclesial family team in a Day of Recollection, which includes adoration, reflection on a theme decided upon by the team, recreation and team sharing.  Besides an annual retreat, each sister participates in the Paschal Mystery Retreat composed by our Founder, Fr. James Flanagan. Beginning on Thursday afternoon and concluding on Sunday, it is a time to enter more deeply into the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.  We also have the great joy of gathering annually as a SOLT Community for our regional or international Assembly, during which we celebrate professions, ordinations and lay commitments, and hold chapter meetings.  It is great grace and renewal for all!