“Sister Mary” Delights Twitter Audiences

SisterMary2Sister Miriam James Heidland, known for her quirky sense of humor and her penchant for keeping abreast of Twitter happenings @onegroovynun, has tapped into a modern audience with some help from an anonymous celebrity sister.

“Sister Mary,” whose trademark gray veil is featured in the off-sided forefront in photos of various televised sporting events and activities accompanied by hilarious captions, was created to show that being a sister is nothing less than being a dedicated servant of God, but also can involve some silliness and good humor along the way.

“It gives a broader view to the whole world of what religious life is like,” Sister Miriam shared recently with a San Antonio online news outlet, “You get to know us on a different level […] nuns are people too.”

Back in February, Sister Miriam’s antics hit the national spotlight, being featured in a humor article by Huffington Post. Comedy Editor Andy McDonald wrote: “…she has hashtag blessed us all by bringing that work to us on the Internet, live-tweeting her and her sisters’ experience watching the biggest game of the year. It was really magical.”

Check out some of these tweets from Sister Miriam’s (and Sister Mary’s) fans: