REVIVE: Encountering God’s Love

         In the months of September and October, our SOLT parishes in Phoenix, Camp Verde, Arizona and St. Joseph, Corpus Christi, Texas, hosted an 8-week series called Revive: Encountering God’s LoveRevive is the first step in a three step ministry known as Becoming Missionary Disciples which is part of SOLT’s Immaculate Conception Project, part of a generous grant designed to bring about the New Evangelization in the United States through a variety of avenues. The other steps of Becoming Missionary Disciples include Disciple, a 10-week course as a follow-up to Revive, and Mission, the third step, which is primarily small and medium sized discipleship groups that meet in homes over a longer period of time. Fr. Eduardo Montemayor describes the purpose of Revive is “to evangelize by providing a shallow entry point for Catholics with [the] goal of leading people to faith and conversion and worship.” The course usually includes talks primarily given by SOLT priests, sisters, and other parish leaders over dinners as participants meet in small groups with certain points of questions and discussion.

Most Holy Trinity Parish had two simultaneous courses of Revive running in both English and Spanish. Revive in English had around 80 people at Most Holy Trinity complete the course, 60 of whom attended the two-day retreat, along with a team of 36 volunteers. Revive in Spanish had around 250 people attend the course with a team of 74 volunteers. Fr. Eduardo has said that Revive, overall, was “excellent. It has created a community of participants full of enthusiasm and renewed faith. Many have gone on to volunteer in their areas of giftedness.” One of the participants of Revive said that “it renewed my interest in exploring my faith. I liked the targeted talks aimed at explaining specific aspects of our faith. The talks at the table offered different experiences of our faith.” Another commented on the strength that the SOLT Ecclesial Team brought with the different vocations being represented along with the help of other volunteers, “The joy and enthusiasm exhibited by Father, Sister, and my table leader was contagious. Their love and devotion to Jesus has been renewing and energizing.”

            The team is currently filming each of the talks of the program to be able to offer it to a larger audience. The Immaculate Conception Project also includes the Liturgy Prep video series, found on, as well as the beautiful Marian Prayer Garden currently under construction in Corpus Christi, Texas.