Longtime SOLT Laity Member, Becky Trujillo, Remembered for Her Efforts in Evangelization

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Becky Trujillo who passed into Eternal Life this morning just before 3 am. Her fellow SOLT members were able to keep vigil through the night. Last night, Fr. John McHugh, Sr. Margaret Mary Loehr, Dorothy Lickteig and others gathered by her bedside to pray and sing. Many SOLT members continued to keep watch and pray into the night as she peacefully drifted into her eternal rest. Details regarding funeral arrangements will be made available soon.

Sister Mary of the Redemption Mansfield remembered Becky with these thoughts:

Becky Trujillo, featured second from the right, along with some early members of SOLT.

Becky Trujillo was one of the early single lay members of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). Becky came to SOLT in the latter part of the 1960s, after SOLT had moved its headquarters from Mora, New Mexico to Kansas City, Missouri. She remained a faithful member of SOLT, as a single lay person, for the rest of her life here on earth.

Becky was among the first of the great lay evangelizers of SOLT. For wherever you found Becky, you found her evangelizing. That might be in some formal setting, such as on a EFT Migrant Worker Ministry, or in a SOLT parish organization, or on a bus, or in a shopping mall, or on a street corner, or in a nursing home (Becky herself was confined in a nursing home during these last years of her life). 

We bless and thank God for choosing Becky Trujillo to be a member of the SOLT family—as our sister whom we can imitate.